Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Noda Guesthouse

Waterfall Village, South-west Pentecost

Noda Guesthouse is located at on the scenic western coast of South Pentecost. The guesthouse overlooks a pleasant beach which is suitable for swimming, and nearby coral reefs provide good opportunities for snorkeling. Behind Waterfall are mountain caves and the spectacular falls that give the village its name.

Outside Noda Guesthouse   Inside Noda Guesthouse

Noda Guesthouse is a friendly island guesthouse with good facilities. A generator provides electricity, and there is a flush toilet and shower.

Waterfall Village is a 20-minute truck ride from Lonorore Airport, with flights to Vila and Santo three or four times per week. Ships such as M.V. Brisk also call at the village on a frequent basis.


Tours and activities available from Noda Guesthouse

Waterfall near guesthouse

Cool and refreshing swim at the waterfall

Visit to Reil Cave

Forest trekking

Mountain walk


Floating stone


Sand drawing

Basket weaving demonstration

Traditional cooking

Visit to custom village

Custom dancing

Kava preparation and drinking

Trips to watch land-diving (April-June only)

Melanesian feast night (every Saturday during land-diving season)


The coastline by Waterfall Village

Package tours

We have good contacts with guides and transport operators and can help you put together a 3 or 5-day package tour, taking in South Pentecost's many attractions in the easiest possible way. All earnings from such locally-organised tours go directly to members of village communities on Pentecost.



Accommodation: 3000 vatu per person per night. This includes linen, a complementary village tour and meals.

Transport: by truck from Lonorore Airport to Noda Guesthouse - 2500 vatu (one way). We can also arrange trips to other parts of Pentecost.

Additional fees may apply for tours and activities. Prices and availability may be subject to change.


Contact details

For further information or bookings, please contact Silas Buli on (+678) 7727394 or 5473071.

Pentecost Falls Tours can also arrange visits.


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