The Languages of Pentecost Island  
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a mat design, 'kalin tsiptaba' in Apma language
a plant, 'bwiaga rungu dam tememe' in Apma language
a seed pod, 'birin tsine bwaraabo' in Apma language
a fern, 'temwat' in Apma language
a pig, 'bo mankokon' in Apma language

While working as a schoolteacher on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, I embarked on a project to document the island's many tiny languages:

Bislama (Pidgin) - Vanuatu's national language
Raga (Hano) - the language of North Pentecost
Apma - the language of Central Pentecost
Sowa - an extinct language of south-central Pentecost
Ske - a small language of south-western Pentecost
Sa - the language of South Pentecost

The Languages of Pentecost Island, a guide and phrasebook of these languages, is shortly to be published by The British Friends of Vanuatu society, a charity whose work includes supporting education on Pentecost Island. If you are interested in this book, please contact me.

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